What To Expect With Your Belly Button Piercing During Pregnancy

Belly Button Piercing During Pregnancy

What To Expect With Your Belly Button Piercing During Pregnancy

When you got your belly button pierced, you probably had a flat, toned stomach. Now that you’re pregnant, however, should you have to give up your sparkle? Get informed on what to expect with your belly button piercing during pregnancy.

The answer will vary for mothers depending on how comfortable you are. If you are pregnant with multiples or you are just going to have a big baby, you might stretch out your stomach to the point where it can’t handle something digging into it.

When you feel like your belly button ring is starting to rub or getting caught, then you might have to take it out. Also, your belly button may pop out in the latter stages of pregnancy. This is more than likely going to be the case.

Can I Have a Belly Button Piercing During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy Belly Rings

Pregnancy Belly Rings

As it turns out, you don’t have to leave out your belly button ring. Early on in the pregnancy you can continue to use your normal belly ring. However as the belly grows you will want to consider pregnancy belly button rings as a replacement. As long as your piercing is healed properly you will not have any problems.

There’s one piece of information to get out in the open: your belly button is where you were connected to your mom in the womb, not where your baby connects. This means that the piercing won’t interact with your baby at all.

Just make sure that you clean your belly button ring piercing during pregnancy. At least once a week, wash it with warm water and soap that is approved for washing body jewelry – avoid flowery soaps with additives. You will want to thoroughly dry before you reinsert it.

You will have to remove your belly button ring if you are going to have a C-section as it poses and infection risk and is right in the line where the doctor will cut.

What Happens to Belly Button Piercing During Pregnancy?

A general reminder is that your immune system isn’t at its best when you are pregnant. This means that if you don’t take care of your belly button piercing during pregnancy and it becomes inflamed, you are going to have to take it out.

Even though it is going to be difficult, try to avoid playing with your belly button piercing during pregnancy. This will open up the pathway for those infections and foreign bodies to make their way into the piercings.

Similarly, try to wear lose fitting clothing during the pregnancy so that there isn’t anything the ring or bar can grab onto and pull. This means that even though there are pregnancy versions available, you’ll want to avoid pantyhose, leggings, belts, and other tight fitting pieces of clothing.

To Take Out or Keep the Hole Open

If you do want to take out your belly button piercing during pregnancy, you can keep it open. All you have to do is run your jewelry through the piercing every few days. This will keep it from closing. You may also want to keep it clean and avoid getting any build up in the piercing.

Or, if that doesn’t seem doable for you or comfortable, you can just take the belly button piercing out. You will be able to get the site pierced again when you’ve had your baby without problems. Most moms find that they are able to keep the piercing intact until the 5th or 6th month of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Belly Button Rings

If wearing your belly button ring is too painful, you should consider pregnancy belly rings. These are flexible rings or bars made out of polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE. This is also known as Teflon.

This material is used in various medical procedures and won’t cause allergic reactions or itching.

The piercings are made of a flexible material and this means they are far more comfortable. They can even be cut to change with your growth which means you won’t have to feel uncomfortable again.

Where Can I Buy Pregnancy Belly Button Rings?

Shop Pregnancy Belly Button Rings

There are quite a few different places where you can buy body jewelry. While your common stores might not have them, piercing shops will likely have an option or two to get you through your pregnancy.

However, your best bet is to do some online shopping that will help you get a more personalized choice. You will be able to pick from different sizes, colors, and designs that you can personalize to the size you need. Since piercing shops don’t go through pregnancy belly button rings all that frequently, they often don’t keep a great selection.

An online resource like Body Gauges will give you plentiful options that are recent and high quality. You don’t have to worry about their products sitting around and collecting dust.

No matter what, you need to go with what feels comfortable for your body. No one else will be able to tell you what to do with your body or how it should feel. Instead, you should pay attention to the feeling, temperature, and appearance of your belly button piercing and go from there.

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  • Johanna Wallace

    Hi guys! So I have a question regarding my piercing and hopefully you can bare with me in the situation lol So im a new mom to be and im only a few months in so im not showing much yet but i have a bit of worries. When my sister got pregnant, she had that odd “pop” of a belly button (where the belly button starts to stick out) and so did my oldest sister. Difference from them to me is that I had recently my belly button pierced (prior to knowing I would be a mom to be lol) and I know im not supposed to tamper with it as infections can happen. In this type of situation, what the best thing I can do to not cause an infection or somehow cause discomfort with the whole pregnant belly button pop situation. Thanks!!!

    March 2, 2017 at 1:08 am
    • Body Gauges Blog

      Congrats on becoming a mom! Depending on how fresh the piercing is you may not be able to change out the piercing. Read our post on the belly piercing healing process to see if you can change out your piercing. If so then I would recommend getting a pregnancy belly ring so that you can keep your piercing during most of your pregnancy. You may need to remove towards the end of your pregnancy and your doctor will let you know when. As for the “pop” this should not effect the piercing with a pregnancy belly ring.

      March 8, 2017 at 6:29 pm

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