Bend To Fit Nose Rings: A Must Have Ring for Your Nose

Bend To Fit Nose Rings

Bend To Fit Nose Rings: A Must Have Ring for Your Nose

Piercing your nose is considered a pretty awesome trend. Not only average people like us, but famous people too. A persons' decision to pierce their nose, could show a newer, more different way to wear jewelry. Since nose piercing was introduced in the fashion industry, interest rose tremendously for people to have a taste in being in the nose piercing look. One of the most popular type are the bend to fit nose rings.

What is Bend to Fit Nose Rings?

Bend-to-fit nose rings, also known as fish tail nose rings, are designed in a way to have it fit you. The metal is bendable which would give the ability to have your ring have a custom fit and size. These types of nose rings are very versatile and come in many different styles for a maximum comfort to fit you.

There are many types of Bend-to-fit nose rings, they still look exactly the same as a nose bone. The only difference is Bend-To-fit nose rings are twice as long so you can customize the size and curvature you put in. The extra little piece gives you the ability for a perfect fit. Nose bone studs have a knobby tip at the end of the shaft which you insert in your nose piercing. These cannot be customize to fit your nose.

The fishtale nose ring is 3/4” long, which leave you plenty of space to make the right fit for you. Simply insert the bend to fit nose ring and make note of where you would like to bend it. Take it out and bend it. Its that simple.

Bend to Fit Nose Rings Benefits

As I say, there are many styles of nose rings than can be worn. The question is, which type are you more interested in? Nose Bone nose ring? Or, Bend-to-fit nose ring? There are benefits on choosing a Bend-to-fit nose ring. Not any nose is exactly the same. With Bend-to-fit, you can buy your nose ring, without any worry about it fitting your nose. Buying a Nose bone, nose ring, you have to purchase a “pre-determined” size: long or short, big or small. Which nose rings size would you choose? Which would be well worth the buy?

Shop Bend To Fit Nose Rings

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There are many stores these days, at mall kiosks, in stores in the mall, inside department stores, and websites, that can offer you Bend-to-fit nose rings. Already sounds pretty difficult to choose where to buy the best one. Our eCommerce side @ Body Gauges you will find affordable & high quality Bend-to-fit nose rings in all types colors and designs.

Don’t waste any more time looking any where else to purchase your piece of jewelry. We are your best pick! We are well trusted that will offer the ring you want for your nose. You will want to come back and shop with us for a new piece of jewelry to add to your fashion.

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