Horizontal Tongue Piercing

Horizontal Tongue Piercing Types & Healing Process

Some people immediately get grossed out by all the different types of tongue piercings. They don’t like the thought of something running through their tongues or the thought of a needle puncturing their tongues. However, for the people who enjoy the adrenaline of getting a piercing, it can be a lot of fun, and some pain, to get a horizontal tongue piercing.

Tongue Piercing Aftercare

Important Do’s & Dont’s On Tongue Piercing Aftercare

Tongue piercings are becoming increasingly popular around the world. As the type of jewelry used continues to change and the world becomes more accepting, people are getting into it a lot more. This also means that tongue piercings have changed over time. Now, there are many different types of tongue piercings that you can get and specialized jewelry to match every type of piercing. So it is important to know the proper tongue piercing aftercare guidelines.

Types Of Tongue Piercings

5 Different Types Of Tongue Piercings

It was once considered a taboo or painful piercing. It has now become one of the most popular piercings out there: the tongue piercing. Many people get this piercing as a way of self-expression and individualism. When done correctly, it is a safe and hygienic piercing. There are many different types of tongue piercings preformed today. The standard single stud piercing is no longer the only piercing for the tongue.