Learn About These 4 Different Types of Septum Rings

Different Types of Septum Rings

Learn About These 4 Different Types of Septum Rings

A septum piercing is a nose piercing that passes through the nasal septum. The needle passes through the soft piece of skin, which separates your right and left nostril. A piercing needle goes through the front part of the nose. This is what you call the columella or “the sweet spot.” There are some people who don’t have columella, so this piercing can go through the cartilage.

Nevertheless, this is considered to be very painful especially among newbies. As far as septum piercing is concerned, certain septum rings are usually used on it. The good news is that there are different types of septum rings that are available in the market.

What Are The Different Types of Septum Rings?

There are different types of jewelry to use for your septum:

Septum Clickers - Some people consider septum clickers among their favorites. This is because there is a different variety to choose from and is made specifically for the septum piercing. These are straight rods with a hinge on the bottom part and latches on the side.

Circular Barbells – These rings are usually referred to as the horseshoe rings. There are different gauges and diameters that end in either a threaded ball or spike. You can get creative and replace the balls or spikes with something really cool.

Captive Bead Ring – These are similar to circular barbells. Instead of having two spikes or balls at each end, you will have a dimpled ball that precisely fits between the ends of the circular barbell. This is a nice type of septum ring as it does not require any kind of threading. However, the captive bead can be hard to pop into place.

Staple Shaped Septum Retainers & Curvy Retainers – These are steel or acrylic jewelry pieces that are designed to flip inwards towards the inside of your nostril. They are designed to conceal the piercing while keeping it open with a retainer.

Common Gauge Size For Septum Rings

As far as the different types of septum rings are concerned, 16 gauges and 14 gauges are two of the most common types of septum ring sizes.

Beyond the standard size, some people stretch to larger sizes. This is done after the septum piercing is completely healed. It is recommended to begin with a smaller gauge size before stretching to a bigger size.

We've Got The Different Types of Septum Rings

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It is important to note that you should NEVER attempt to pierce your own septum. Always seek a licensed piercing professional for all of your piercing needs.

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