Horizontal Tongue Piercing Types & Healing Process

Horizontal Tongue Piercing

Horizontal Tongue Piercing Types & Healing Process

Some people immediately get grossed out by all the different types of tongue piercings. They don’t like the thought of something running through their tongues or the thought of a needle puncturing their tongues. However, for the people who enjoy the adrenaline of getting a piercing, it can be a lot of fun, and some pain, to get a horizontal tongue piercing.

Types of Horizontal Tongue Piercings

When we talk about the most common types of horizontal tongue piercings, they are typically divided into these subcategories:


Scoop is used to describe a specific type of piercing on your tongue. It is a piercing more towards the middle of your tongue. The piercings has a short healing time and doesne’t actually hurt as much as many other horizontal tongue piercing types.

This carries some of the same risk as other types of horizontal tongue piercings, but has a higher risk of migration and rejection. This is because it is an unnatural place for your body to have a wound, so you end up with the body trying to heal itself.


Surface piercings are when the piercing goes horizontally across the surface of the tongue. This is a shallower piercing, so it has less healing time and doesn’t hurt quite as much.

This is a highly personalized piercing because a trained piercer will look at your tongue and give you a piercing that is made just for you.


Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing

Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing

Horizontal tongue piercings on the tip of the tongue are growing in popularity. While tongue piercings can go almost anywhere, the piercing on the tip of the tongue is popular for a few reasons. The first is that some people refer to it as a really cool name: tongue tip piercing. Exciting! However, if there are two (in a double piercing), it can be called snake eyes.

This piercing is a bit more painful than some of the other piercings on the list and this one, in particular, should be completed by a piercer that you trust. The tip of your tongue holds many of your speaking zones, so it should be cared for properly.


Double piercings aren’t actually double piercings in most cases. Instead, they are usual one piercing that looks like two or four piercings instead, depending on the jewelry that you choose. If you choose to go for the four piercings, it may be done on the same day, if you can handle it, or you can go two different times to get the piercing.

Note that having a double piercing can result in a speech impediment or damage to your teeth.

Horizontal Tongue Piercing Healing Process

Healing & aftercare for a tongue piercing can take many months or it can take only a few weeks. It really depends on your body and health. You should make sure that you take good care of yourself and your piercings.

Eat well, drink a lot of water, and go easy on your tongue. Try to avoid hot or spicy foods, alcohol, and smoking. Follow the directions of your piercer in terms of cleaning and handling.

Make sure that you always keep your hands clean when touching your mouth and to rinse it out after you eat. If possible, avoid too much contact with hard foods that can make your jewelry move around too much. As always, try not to play with the piercing while it is still healing.

Jewelry for Horizontal Tongue Piercings

Commonly, the jewelry used in all horizontal tongue piercings are high quality and made from high-performance materials. Most of them will use bars or similar types of jewelry. You want to ensure that the jewelry is easy to remove but doesn’t come out easily.

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Tongue piercings do close up quickly, so you have to be prepared to keep the jewelry in, so comfort is important as well.

If any of your piercings becomes infected, or you think it may be infected, seek professional help.

As always, remember how important it is to have your piercing done by a professional in a professional setting. Take care of yourself and your piercing. When it comes time to change the jewelry and you can pick something a little more fun, consider heading over to Body Gauges for your horizontal piercing jewelry.

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