How to Hide A Belly Button Piercing

How to hide a belly piercing

How to Hide A Belly Button Piercing

These days, having a belly piercing, is common. Many people like you, and a lot of celebrities have their belly button pierced. Despite its popularity, there are instances where a person needs to hide it. So this begs the questions, how to hide a belly piercing?

You may want, or need to hide a belly piercing for a lot of different reasons: Your school does not allow it, your parents don’t approved, or your workplace does not permit body piercing. 

You have to know the best way to hide it.

You may not have to hide your body piercing forever, but you can keep it secret for some time or as needed. There are lots of ways on how to hide your belly piercing.

Read below to know the ways on how to hide a belly button piercing.

How to Hide A Belly Piercing: Tips

• A easiest way is to wear clothes that are a little bigger, or a lose dresses where it doesn’t show the ring bump on your navel.

• If your parents are totally against the idea of you getting your belly button pierced, but you still want to get it done, wearing lose clothing may not work all of the time. You could also suck in your stomach a bit so you can't see a bump under your shirt when you are with or around them. If it's healed, take it out while you're around them

• On the other hand, the most practical means to hide belly piercing is to use a belly piercing retainer. It is a soft rubber plastic component, shaped in the form of a banana barbell. It is clear and easy to insert, like another piece of jewelry.

• To ensure in keeping your belly piercing intact and clean, buy a belly piercing retainer that is pre-packaged and pre-sterilized in order to avoid infection as well as contamination. It is also very essential to keep in mind that you shouldn’t change your piece of jewelry till the piercing is completely healed. If you don’t, it could cause problems with your piercing.

• You can do it yourself or visit an expert piercer. The piercer will wear sterilized gloves prior to dealing with the piercing. They will then check to know whether the piercing is totally healed and ready for a retainer.

• Another way to hide belly piercing is to utilize a flesh colored belly piercing. This is available in a flesh color and will be difficult to notice.

Where to Buy Belly Piercing Retainer & Flesh Colored Belly Jewelry

When you need to hide your belly piercing, you can buy a belly piercing retainer and flesh colored belly piercing at the eCommerce side Body Gauge.

There you will find all sorts of body jewelry for sale including the retainers mentioned above.

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Lastly, we do not recommend you getting your belly pierced, or any piercing, without the prior knowledge of your parents if you still live with them. It is better to be honest and upfront with them and you should NEVER attempt to pierce yourself. Always see a piercing professional for all of your piercing needs.

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