Learn All You Need To Know About Nose Ring Sizes

Nose Ring Sizes

Learn All You Need To Know About Nose Ring Sizes

Nose piercings are increasingly popular for both men and women in today’s world. It is a fantastic way to make your look a little edgier and a little more unique without going too crazy. You can pretty much go to any piercing place that you’ve looked into and find someone who can pierce your nose. Knowing the nose ring sizes before you get the piercing will help in your decision making.

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When you are piercing, there are many different nose ring sizes and types that you have to choose from when it comes to the look of your nose piercing.

Different Nose Ring Sizes Classifications

There are many different ways to classify a nose ring, including stone size, gauge size, and length size:

Stone Size

The stone size of a nose ring refers to how large the stud is – there are some that are very tiny and others that are larger and makes more of a statement.

Gauge Size

Gauge size determines how thick the post is that goes into your piercing. You can widen the actual piercing, though very few people actually do it.

Length Size

The length of your nose piercing is usually determined by the type of nose ring that you get. For a post type nose ring it is the length of the straight part. For a nose ring hoop it is the inside diameter.

Types of Nose Rings

To understand what the nose ring sizes are there are a few types you may want to differentiate:

Types Of Nose Rings

Fishtale – This is a straight post that you can get customized to your own nose by bending it.

Nose Bone - Straight post like a nose stud that has a small ball on the end.

Nose Ring This is a thin hoop or captive style ring.

Nose Screw - A screw shaped nose ring that can be difficult to put in but is very secure.

L Bend - This is a traditional nose post that has a bend in the shape of an L.

Stone Size

Stones come in all different shapes and sizes. When looking for the nose ring sizes of the stone the following is whats most commonly found.

Nose Ring Gem Sizes

1mm-1.5mm: The smallest size that you can safely use. It is available almost everywhere and often used by people who like something more discreet.

2mm: This is the traditional style that people get and it is the most popular style purchased.

2.5mm: A bigger size that it generally used by younger people.

3mm-3.5mm: For someone who really wants some sparkle. It can be hard to find stones this large.

No matter what stone nose rings sizes you decide to go with, there is one for all types of nose piercings.

Nose Ring Gauge Sizes

The gauge of a nose ring is the thickness of the bar that goes through the piercing. Each gauge is specifically sized and is the same throughout all different brands. Here are the most common nose ring sizes in terms of gauge:

18 Gauge - 1mm

20 Gauge - 0.8mm

22 Gauge - 0.6mm

The nose piercing is one that is adaptable and heals the fasted. Because of this you can change up the gauge size you wear. Your piercing will adapt very quickly. If you want to go up or down, it is a relatively pain free process. As long as you follow proper nose piercing care you will not have any issues.

All you have to do is put some vitamin E oil on your nose and then insert the gauge that is the next size up or down and the piercing will heal itself. You should ONLY go up or down one gauge at a time.

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Length of Nose Ring

The length of your nose ring is the length of the part that passes through your piercing. This dos not include any part that shows outside of the nose or inside of it. It is measured from the end to the base of the stone. The average length is about 6 millimeters. Sometimes you can get one larger or smaller ones depending on your nose. There are some places where you can get your nose ring sizes customized.

If you are looking to get the widest selection of nose ring sizes, nose ring designs, and pretty much anything to do with body jewelry of any kind, consider shopping with us at Body Gauges. We have a wide variety that will fit whatever needs you have.

No matter what or where you get your piercings, make sure that you seek the help of a professional when getting any piercing.

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