Learn About Stone Plugs & Where To Buy Them

What Are Stone Plugs & Where To Buy Them

Learn About Stone Plugs & Where To Buy Them

Stone plugs are used when we stretch out the ear lobe. Stretching the ear lobe is a very specific look that allows people to get bigger holes in their ears. Once your earlobe gets to a certain size, you can start to wear ear gauges plugs. One of these types are stone plugs which gives that natural rustic or tribal look.

Stone plugs give an unique look and comes in a variety of grains, patterns and colors.

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Common Types of Stone Plugs

Stone plugs have an effortless cool feeling about them like glass plugs. There are single and double flare styles in all different kinds. You are even able to find stone plugs that are teardrop shapes or heart shaped.

When it comes to stone plugs, there are quite a few different options that you can choose from. There are also different stone types which includes agate, tigers eye, amethyst, aventurine, snowstone, jasper, white pine stone, hematite, turquoise, rhodonite, yellow Burmese stone, obsidian, flash stone, marble, red coral, malachite, emerald, and naodelite. These are all very similar in style and feel, however they look VERY different.

History of Ear Stretching

Ear lobe stretching has a long-stretching history that ranges from Africa all the way to present day USA. Ancient tribes and civilizations have used body mods to enhance their beauty and to show of their status.

The earliest known ear stretcher is Otzi the Ice Man, who dates back to 3300 BCE. It is the earliest known example of body modification. His ears were stretched to 0 gauge.

Maasai Ear Stretching

Another early adaptor of ear stretching was the Maasai tribes of Kenya, who altered their appearances using different forms of body modification. Ear stretching was used to elongate the ears and show status. The site of the piercing and the stretching often had a meaning behind it. This is because it took them many years to achieve such great stretches.

The Maasai would use things like stone, wood, thorns, and tusks to stretch their ears. Both men and women would have these piercings, though it was more common for men to have it. Women would have fewer piercings that would be more ornate.

Another example is the Huaorani of the Amazon. They used ear stretching to show beauty and status. Both men and women would being stretching their ears since they were children. The initial procedure is a bit of a ceremony where a spine from the trunk of a tree would be used. After that, the Huarani stretch their lobes using wood or stone plugs that increased in size. After some time, the plugs are removed and the ears are allowed to slowly shift back.

Ear Stretching In Current Times

In today’s world there are many common ear gauge sizes when it comes to ear lobe stretching. Some of the older tribes that once stretched their ears are now abandoning it so that they can pick up new traditions that does not reflect the modern trend. For those that have decided to keep it, they are changing over to using more modern materials or using materials that look older than they actually are. For this reason, stone plugs have become increasingly popular amongst people looking to achieve a tribal look.

Of course, some people are still running into issues with employers and body modification. Ear stretching is very popular amongst all age groups and it is becoming more and more socially accepted all over the world.

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Where To Buy Stone Plugs & Final Thoughts

You have to be extremely careful when you are stretching your ears to any gauge. The key is to be slow and cautious. If something doesn’t feel or look right, you will want to stop and seek professional help. Always consult a professional who has knowledge on how to safely stretch the ear lobe..

When it comes to selecting jewelry, you many options to choose from. There are types of many, many types of ear tunnels and plugs to choose from once you reach your desired gauge. One of the best options buy body jewelry online is @ Body Gauges. There you will find all sorts of ear jewelry for sale at amazing prices.

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  • Melanie Finto

    Hey so im looking to try out the stone gauges though i move a lot at work and just wanted to know what the chases are for them from falling out. Thanks!

    March 3, 2017 at 8:06 pm
    • Body Gauges Blog

      Stone plugs can be tricky because most of the time all that is holding them on are the little rubber o-rings. They are easy to take out and put back in so I would recommend taking them out when you are planning to do a lot of moving around. You can also switch to ear tunnels which are more secure and less likely to fall out.

      March 8, 2017 at 6:42 pm

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